Boost Your Gaming Skills With Our Classes

Learn valuable skills and fill out your skill tree

Are you interested in learning what it takes to be a successful game designer or streamer? You can learn all of the valuable skills you need at GGLounge. We offer a wide variety of classes to further your education in the gaming field, including:

  • Photoshop classes
  • Adobe classes
  • PC-building classes
  • Gaming Classes
  • Special needs gaming classes
  • Special needs programs
You'll be ready to start your own streaming channel or build a sweet custom PC in no time. Sign up for one of our classes today and start improving your skillset.

Get a background in game design

If you want to learn more about game design, here's your opportunity. Not only are we your home for playing games, we can also teach you how to make them. We offer game design courses every summer to teach aspiring designers the basics of game design. That way, you can get an introduction to the process and discover if you want to pursue it further.

Want to know more about our gaming courses? Reach out to us today and we'll tell you more.